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Saber and the 53rd Signal Battalion

Saber stopped by and joined the 53rd Signal Battalion for their Command Group & staff photo. While their unit crest (approved in 1942) features a bonfire and curling smoke symbolizing one of the primitive forms of signaling, today the 53rd Signal Battalion is at the forefront of modern technology controlling the Defense Satellites across the globe with their units stationed in Germany, Japan, Hawaii & Maryland. The Battalion is Head-quartered in Colorado Springs and is comprised of Soldiers & Department of the Army Civilians.

The Unit Commanders and First Sergeants traveled to Colorado Springs for a working conference and Saber could not pass up the opportunity for a meet & greet with them. The soldiers learned about the Arabian Horses for Humanity program and the charities that benefit from our amazing horses, including Saber's dual mission supporting the Wounded Warrior Project and the Arabian Horsemen's Distress Fund.

Ensignia of the 53rd Signal Battalion

The 53rd has a long and distinguished history. The battalion was activated June 1, 1941, at Camp Bowie, Texas, and inactivated Sept. 30, 1945, in Italy. It was activated again Sept. 21, 1954, at Fort Hood, Texas, and then inactivated June 23, 1971, at Fort Lewis, Wash. Finally, it was reactivated 34 years later on Oct. 16, 2005, at Peterson Air Force Base, Colo. and it's campaign participation credits include: France, Italy, and Tunisia during World War II; multiple counter offensives during the Vietnam War; and is currently supporting the war fighter in Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom and New Dawn.

Saber is owned by Grace Rushing (U.S. Army Retired) and who has been the 53rd Signal Battalion Logistics officer for over 15 years.

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