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Salute-Deneena Hughes

Gallery Equus Deneena Hughes

The final member of the quartet of artists that will bring Salute for Humanity to life is Gallery Equus owner, Deneena Hughes!

Deneena Huges Gallery Equus

Say’s Deneena, “Gallery Equus was born out of my enduring passion for horses and how profoundly they impact me.

I have been questioned my entire life as to why I'm so horse crazy . Where words would fall short, art would speak in ways that people could begin to understand and feel for themselves the powerful beauty that's so intriguing. Over time and through various horse related events I met other local artists who shared this passion and understood without need for explanation.

We see the horse itself as the perfect work of art and simply try to portray that to others through our various creative styles. I was amazed at the depth of talent and range of styles of these artist's tremendous work. The notion came to me that we'd have a stronger voice if we had a platform to come together on and a way to build a supportive community with each other that would lead to greater exposure and success as artists... And so Gallery Equus was born.

Minneapolis/St. Paul has a thriving and supportive art community and there are areas with galleries and studios. One such area is the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, home to the Northrup King Building. Once a seed packaging warehouse, it’s huge space is now home to over 300 artist studios, shops, and galleries. It is that I found a beautiful space to for Gallery Equus. By creating this platform, we opened ourselves up to a much broader audience than just the equine community.

Gallery Equus

In such a thriving art district, we encounter a clientele that is searching for quality works of art that resonate for them. Although they may not be "horse people", many still find a deep appreciation for the beauty and impact of the horse in art. We find ourselves in a uniquely successful niche where we can market to both a specific audience as well as a much broader audience because of our strategic location.

Arabian Horse For Humanity Salute at Gallery Equus

My art is often a fusion of painting and poetry. To me, painting is poetry without words and poetry is painting that speaks. Sometimes the poem inspires the painting and other times the painting inspires the poem. When the two come together I find a dynamic sweet spot in my creative expression. I find nothing more beautiful or inspirational than the equine form. It is a source of endless inspiration to me because I see the horse as living poetry. My art is for more than just horse lovers, it's for anyone who feels drawn to the dynamic pull of beautiful form, powerful presence, and timeless soul in one captivating subject matter."

Gallery EQuus

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