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Corky & Bill Fairchild-All Things Equine

The minute this wonderful surprise from All Things Equine, (Bill & Corky Fairchild) was unpacked I SO wished I had Harthrob or Hero here to try for it! And can you blame me?It's gorgeous and it’s so unique that I just knew there had to be a story behind it. So I contacted Corky Fairchild, simply to ask more about the artist. Writing about artists is always fun, but as it turns out, one simple message to Corky and I have TWO wonderful tales to tell!

All Things Equine trophy by Nancy Weimer Belden

High Score Trail Trophy by All Things Equine

Artist Nancy Weimer Belden

Bill and Corky Fairchild have been showing Arabians since the 1960's and creating awards since 1993. Their division of choice, reining and trail. With their two geldings, Forreal and SS Invictus, the pair won nearly a 1/4 of a million dollars in Sweepstakes money and supported themselves in those early years with their profits. But over 25 years later, it’s the eight-year old Half Arabian mare, TR Dealin For Roses that’s got Corky in the winner’s circle again. Say’s Corky, “I have been blessed with some great horses. I never thought I’d have another, but this mare has pushed me to let her in—she is another “heart” horse.

Bill Fairchild

Bill Fairchild & Forreal+//

It’s Corky herself and her new mare that are the models for All Things Equine’s latest design from Nancy Weimer Belden! Belden is just one of the artists that All Things Equine commissions to create their trophies. “Nancy has done most of our awards and gift items including figurines, statues, busts and reliefs. We give her a concept sometimes drawings, design and pictures. She does the sculpture work and then both Bill and myself critique and make revisions during the creation phase. When the raw clay models are sent to us, we do copyright before sending them for mold and production. We did the current AHA National trophy (created in 2005) and the Top Ten medallion (created in 1997) and own that copyright. One look through our website and you will see lots of her work.

All Things Equine Corky Fairchild and TR Dealin for Roses

Corky Fairchild and TR Dealin For Roses

While All Things Equine does not traditionally give “sponsorships”, they are well known for giving back to the Arabian horse community. From yearly donations at the AHA convention (which go to support the Arabian Horsemen’s Distress Fund) to their annual support of the Region 12 Youth Jamboree, awarding a scholarship to the AHYHA Reserve Youth of the Year and working at the Region 12 Championship show, Corky and Bill Fairchild have provided a lot of positive energy wherever they are.

All Things Equine Corky Fairchild

Not all Regional Championship shows had this trophy available because it's a totally new piece and wasn't completed until June! But if you're interested in this, or any other of their amazing awards, click the image below for their catalog!

All Things Equine catalog

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