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Salute-Nanci Fulmek

The second of the four artists working on Salute is Nanci Fulmek and like most equestrian artists, the fascination started early!

"As long as I could remember, I’ve always loved horses. I grew up in the city and the closest thing to having a horse was to draw them. My career as an artist started similar to many, with drawing on the walls of my bedroom at the age of two.

Once I got out of college and was working in the “real” world, (real meaning what people expect you to do), I gave up my art to work in the world of business. Once again, someone saw me doodling at work, and again I was pulled back into drawing horse portraits, this time in pastel. I was regularly doing portraits in pastel, everything from horses to racing pigeons. I always looked forward to my next portrait, as I had so much fun with each one."

Nanci Fulmket Art

Art by Nancy Fulmek

Searching for an art school was harder than I thought. I wanted a school that could teach me to draw a more realistic looking horse. None of the schools I encountered focused on realism. I had since taken a position at Kelley Galleries, in Woodbury MN, to learn the business of selling art where I serendipitously met artist Jeffrey Larson. He told me about the prestigious school he attended in Minneapolis, Atelier Lack. (Now, the Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art.) I called that very day to register for part time classes. I knew the moment I walked into the school that this was what I had been waiting for. I applied for the full time program (which is only 18 students.) I was most excited to be accepted in the fall of 2004. I have completed the entire 5 year full time program at The Atelier. I am currently teaching “The Art of Selling Your Art” as the marketing instructor at The Atelier.

Art by Nanci Fulmek

Who would have ever thought a little girl who was drawing horses on her bedroom wall would have turned into a full time career as a portrait artist? What more could a little girl ask for?

Nanci Fulmek Portrait Artist

Phone: 651.231.9549




Mailing Address: 8362 Tamarack Village Ste 119-369, Woodbury MN 55125

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