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Salute-Jerusha Steinert

Jerusha Steinert equine artist Arabian Horses For Humanity Salute

One of four artists collaborating on the design and execution of Arabian Horse For Humanity, Jerusha Steinert’s alliance with Gallery Equus should come as no surprise because from a very early age both creativity and horses were a very important part of her life.

Arabian Horse for Humanity Salute in progress
Jerusha Steinhert Art Emanate 2019

Emanate 2019

Jerusha studied Visual Arts at “Art High”—Minnesota’s Perpich Center for the Arts two year high-school residential program. Says Jerusha, “I was going to Minnehaha Academy and spending all my extra time and lunch hour in the art room. I applied to go to the Arts High school for my junior year. It was an amazing place that allowed me to be immersed in a creative culture and actually be myself. Arts High also has an open campus and encourages students to develop their own curriculum so they can focus on what they actually want to do. For me that sort of freedom was exactly what I needed”. Jerusha built on her experience at the Perpich Center by attending the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul, graduating with a Bachelors in Fine Arts in 2002 where her thesis, naturally, focused on art and the horse/human relationship throughout history.

Jerusha Steinert  Patron Saint of Mares 2018

Patron Saint of Mares 2019

“My artwork describes the bond that develops between humans and horses as the complex partnership that it is. This work is immensely personal and expresses things that are unique to my own experiences with horses. My artistic process is generally spontaneous because the horse is an animal that exists in the moment. Exploring gesture and expressing movement through abstraction is a focus in my artwork.

Jerusha Steinhert Art Alignment 2018

Alignment 2018

I am very interested in exploring horse and human partnerships, and how it relates to our past as told through history, mythology, fantasy. As a result, my artistic process is very intuitive, and yet it is always informed by my past research as a horseman, and an artist. The history that I have developed between these two parts of myself continually directs and shapes the ideas behind each piece”.

Jerusha Steinhert

Equiphany by Jerusha Rose

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