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The Final Step-Clear Coat with Austin's Autoworks

There’s one member of any Arabian Horses For Humanity team that is critical to the success of the project, but not usually someone that you’d think of as an “artist”. That person is the highly skilled technician that applies the clear-coat—the final step in the statue’s production. However, in the case of Austin Clark, the term artist definitely does apply to the type of work that he’s passionate about.

Austins Autoworks with Arabian Horse For Humanity Braveheart

Pat Trowbridge, Austin Clark and the Babies Heart Fund "Braveheart"

Like a lot of boys, young Austin Clark liked cars! Say’s Austin, “Growing up I worked on many things with my Dad—hot rods, trucks, muscle cars—and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Auto body paint by Austin's Autoworks

My first vehicle was a 1988 Ford Bronco that I had before I was even 15 years old. I was fortunate in that when I went to Henry Abbott tech in Danbury CT, they had an Auto Body program. Sadly last year they closed down that program, which is a real shame. Without that I probably wouldn't be in the position I am today. The shop teacher there, Bob Hipp, was a phenomenal teacher and we've remained friends until this day. I've personally owned over 70 vehicles. But my true passion is 60's and 70's American muscle cars”!

However, because Austin doesn’t mind a challenge, he didn’t hesitate when he was approached by Mary and Pat Trowbridge to provide the clear-coat for Arabian Horse For Humanity, Braveheart, by Romero Britto. Austin provided a brilliant finish as well as a necessary layer of protection for a piece of art that is destined to be moved from venue to venue promoting the Babies Heart Fund of Columbia University Medical Center.

Braveheart at the 2019 Babies Heart Fund Gala

Braveheart for Humanity

Artist Romero Britto

Clear coat Austin's Autoworks

Hopefully my story inspires young guys and girls that want to get involved in a hands-on career to follow their dream and research trade and vocational schools. There will always be a demand for people that “can do” things, whether it’s a plumber, and electrician, a heavy equipment operator, mechanic or autobody specialist. Some people will find the education they need to succeed in a college or university but trade and vocational schools are an equally valid way to get an education!

Austin's Autoworks

Austin's Autoworks

469 Litchfield Road

New Milford, CT

(203) 648-6720

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