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Region 10's Salute and Gallery Equus

Salute, an Arabian Horse For Humanity project of Region 10, began three years ago. However, it wasn't until the Region 10 delegates were introduced to The All Glory Project at the 2018 AHA Convention that the vision for the Region 10's statue— nicknamed Tenner—Equine Assisted Therapy for Veterans. From the cause, came his motto and name “Arabians Salute Our Heroes”.

Hillary Hoffman AHA Region 10 Salute coordinator

Hillary Hoffman has been one of the key organizers of not only the Salute project, but the Region 10 Championship Show theme, Arabians Salute Our Heroes, which weaves the theme of supporting veterans into man aspects of the show. As the daughter of Larry and Jody Hoffman, Hillary is a life-long Arabian horse clan member, literally growing up at horse shows with the Arabian horse community as both her actual and extended family. But in addition to being a "horse girl", Hillary has an uber creative side, studying music at St. Olaf College and being a regular member of the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. Her Facebook intro statement "Never Let Anyone Dull Your Spark" pretty much nails it!

Gallery Equus-Arabian Horse for Humanity Salute

It is Hillary's participation with the Minneapolis Renaissance that resulted in Salute's current home at Gallery Equus. Fellow Renaissance member Jerusha Steinhert is one of four artists whose work is featured at the gallery, which is devoted to equestrian art. Gallery Equus is the vision of Deneena Hughes, who together with Jerusha and fellow artists Tracie Thompson and Nanci Fulmek opened the Gallery Equus doors in March of 2018. Provided with the theme “Arabians Salute Our Heroes”, these four artists have been commissioned to collaborate and paint Salute. The concept and design is to be revealed a the Region 10 Championship show and we can’t wait to see what these talented artists have come up with! Next up, a feature on each of the artists involved with creating Salute!

Gallery Equus-Arabian Horse For Humanity Salute

The Region 10 Championship Show is going on now, June 12-16 at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, St. Paul. For more information, go to the Region 10 Facebook Page!

Gallery Equus

Gallery Equus

Northrup King Building Studio 222

1500 Jackson Street NE

Minneapolis, MN 55413

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