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Supporting WWP-Shellee Kotera

Saber For Humanity wasn't alone in supporting the Wounded Warrior Project at the 2019 Region 8 Championship Show! The Pro-Am Class was full of great professional trainers and amateur riders who put in a lot of work to support a great cause! Shellee Kotera and daughter Michaela of Shellee Kotera Performance Horse Training have come up with not one, not two, not three but FOUR different amazing costumes for JSN Cash Advance for his four appearances in the Region 8 Pro-Am Challenge!

This year, Cash was an amazing Cookie Monster, complete with big, googly eyes! Seriously, seriously creative and cute and “wearable” because Cash rocked that look like he was working in his Championship classes—and Cash came home with four Regional garlands this year!

No matter what Shellee and Michaela come up with, somehow Cash manages to wear it in style, trotting every bit as high and stylish wearing pants as not! And a beard! That would have been the year that their theme was Duck Dynasty! It takes a very special horse to wear not only championship garlands but pants and a beard. And how about the year he was dressed as a jeep!

JSN Cash Advance

So who exactly is in charge of design and execution of these costumes? Who tailored his blue overalls for his homage to the Minions. And who came up with the Jeep idea?

JSN Cash Advance Shellee and Michaela Kotera

Says Michaela, “We actually found the Cookie Monster costume online through The Horse Tailor. Each year we typically do some online searches and do some brainstorming on what costume we want to do. The Jeep was my mom’s idea though! My favorite that we’ve done so far though was our first year competing in the Pro/Am challenge in 2016 when we dressed as Duck Dynasty. For the Minions and Duck Dynasty wardrobe we buy men’s 2X Large pants and make them ourselves! We probably have a little too much fun with it but it’s for a great cause!"

Thanks so much to Shellee and Michaela Kotera for supporting the Region 8 Pro-Am Challenge!

Shellee Kotera Performance Horse Training

For more information about Shellee Kotera Performance Horse Training click here!

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