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Region 8 Pro-Am for Wounded Warrior Project

Saber For Humanity wasn't alone in supporting the Wounded Warrior Project at the 2019 Region 8 Championship Show! The Pro-Am Class was full of great professional trainers and amateur riders who put in a lot of work to support a great cause. Nobody works harder at a horse show than a professional trainer and the trainers that take the time to put together amazing costumes and participate in this sort of event ALL deserve special recognition so that's what I've done. Yes, indeed, there is a trophy awarded but believe me, each and everyone one is a winner!

Sal Gonzalez, guest speaker for the Wounded Warrior Project at the 2019 Region 8 Pro-Am Challenge

This was the first time I've been back to the Region 8 Championship show since 2009 and was so impressed with the event that I decided to hunt down more information. After a bit of hunting, I found out that Deb Ludington had all the information! Deb say's "This is the fourth year we have done the Pro/Am class; 2016 was Children's Hospital, 2017 year was Breast Cancer, 2018 was Wounded Warriors Project and with everything going on the world we kept the same theme this year. Going forward we are going to try to support those that serve for our country such as wounded warriors, police force or firefighters. I feel that sometimes we are in our own little world when it comes to these horse shows. We all get so stressed and so competitive we forget the problems we have at a horse show (like not winning a ribbon) is so small compared to people that are fighting for their lives. No matter what the charity is we always have speakers come and tell their story. I feel it is very important that everyone that can manage it takes fifteen minutes to listen to these stories. It is AMAZING what you here and what some people are dealing with. Like this year's speaker, Sal Gonzalez"!

In addition to being invited to address the audience, Mr. Gonzales was invited to present the award to the winner of the class. But Sal had a different plan and when the Pro's came in for the rider switch, so did Sal, where to the delight of all the competitors, he made a point of shaking hands with everyone! Not only that, he stayed down in the arena to get a better view of the rest of the class and at the end, presented the trophy to the winners, Gary Martinez and Jessi Jacobucci riding Aantonina SF!

Click on the photos below for information on each of the teams in the 2019 Region 8 Pro-Am Challenge!

Saturday Nite Afire GRK #wwp

Aantonina SF #wwp

Billie The Kid GRK #wwp

JSN Cash Advance #wwp

Rushcreek Swat Mystea #wwp

Sure Is A Whiz #wwp

#woundedwarrierproject #wwp #veterans

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