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The All Glory Project

Photo used by Permission of Eva Learn Horse Powers

If you haven’t heard of The All Glory Project you may not realize exactly what this nonprofit charitable organization does for Veterans and their families. And while The All Glory Project does a LOT of things, they all have one focus -- supporting the industry that brings equine-based therapies to those affected while serving their country.

Their first priority is to help provide veterans and their families free access to a variety of equine-based programs, ranging from clinical-level psychotherapy and physical therapy sessions to family-fun-days at ranches. They do this by raising funds across the country, then granting those funds to certain therapy centers so that the centers won’t need to charge the veterans for the services.

Importantly, The All Glory Project’s priorities also include safety and efficacy. They have a special team of experts that thoroughly reviews programs before they are funded. They make sure that the staff, facilities and program design are all highly qualified from both the therapeutic and the equine-skills standpoints. Also, veterans and their families are a very special breed, so The All Glory Project makes sure that the programs they support are not “generic” therapy; the staff must be trained, and the programs designed, with experience and expertise in the unique needs of these clients.

The All Glory Project also specializes in “filling in the gaps” in this special service industry that is just beginning to grow. They fund administration, transportation, and other costs that traditional foundations often won't fund. They promote public awareness and education about the benefits of this powerful form of therapy. They support education and networking within the industry, helping start-up centers connect to experts and established centers. They promote partnerships with other industries, like construction and entertainment, to increase the resources available to therapy centers. And while their main focus is animal-based programs, they support other types of therapy, often called “adjunct therapies", like those based on horticulture, art, dance and music.

The All Glory Project founded by Elizabeth Shatner

Established in 2010 by lifetime horsewoman Elizabeth Shatner (wife of actor William Shatner), the All Glory Project has granted nearly $250,000 to programs across the country.

Arabian Horses For Humanity is proud to include The All Glory Project as an ally in continuing to expand awareness and support of Equine activities and therapy for veterans. And, addition to Fort Hood's Hero in Texas will be working with us as Region 10 and Gallery Equus in Minneapolis, Minnesota start their exciting project with Salute!

Robert Foley The Invisible Project

Established in 2010 by Elizabeth Shatner, the All Glory Project has granted nearly $250,000 to therapy centers and programs and their mission has broadened and now provides many different types therapies to veterans. They also support therapies based on horticulture, art, dance and music! And it’s not just support for veterans, as they also include to America’s military, first-responders and their families within their circle of support.

Arabian Horses For Humanity is proud to include The All Glory Project as ally in continuing to expand awareness and support of Equine activities and therapy for veterans!

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