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New and Exciting from Artist Edward Lentsch

Edward Lentsch newest artist for Arabian Horses For Humanity project

Magic still exists in the world, but it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s conjured up by the energy that awakens when bold, creative, exciting people to do what they do best. Create. Make. Boldly go into that place in their psyche that touches the yet unimagined and coaxes it out into our world.

Minnesota artist Edward Lentsch has been creating magical works of art for over fifty years and his paintings are found in art collections all over the globe. Among the list of his collectors you find the likes of celebrities and designers such as Holly Hunt, Kelly Ripa, Nordstrom and William Shatner. However, in the case of Shatner, the relationship is much more than artist and patron. Lentsch— a man as passionate about philanthropy as he is about his art— says that Shatner is an inspiration when it comes to giving back, and has donated art to Shatner’s Hollywood Horse Show/Priceline charity auction for the past four years.

But this year— thanks to the fact that he’s never been one to be shy about evolving and exploring new ways to express himself— Lentsch is creating something completely unique in his body of work. Because Lentsch—an artist known for is monumental sized canvases— is currently putting the finishing touches on a statue! And not just any statue, but a life-sized statue of an Arabian horse, created by the Arabian Horses For Humanity project and donated to the auction by sponsor, Frank and Sara Chisholm, owners of Palmetto Arabians. The statue memorializes the late great Palmetto stallion, Sundance Kid V.

The interest of equestrian art collectors and Arabian horse enthusiasts combined with Lentsch collectors— eager to own this first ever “Lentsch three dimensional” piece—is sure to provide exciting bidding! And it's all ultimately adding to the funds necessary to support some wonderful charitable organizations! Want to know why his art is so in demand? Click on the link below: Edward Lentsch; 21st Century Master

For information about the Hollywood Charity Horseshow and how to bid and support the Hollywood Charity Horseshow/Priceline auction, go to

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