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Arabian Horses For Humanity Sculptor-Karen Kasper

Arabian Horses For Humanity artist sculptor Karen Kasper

In 2014—when the Arabian Horses For Humanity project was born—it was a beautiful, bold, brave idea—one that would require just the right artist to execute the vision of the committee/board—to create a statue that while easily recognizable as an Arabian and represented all Arabian horses. To create a work of art that flawlessly showcases the finest features of the Arabian horse but a statue that becomes a canvas for endless interpretations of other artists—the painters that will be chosen by the various sponsors and charities that these horses will be chosen to represent.

Ultimately the board contacted renowned equine sculptor Karen Kasper about creating the statue that would become the foundation of every Arabian Horse For Humanity that would follow.

In choosing Kentucky equine artist, Karen Kasper, they found the perfect choice. An artist of international fame she is a life-long admirer of the Arabian, and they have featured front and center in her 35 year career as an equestrian sculptor. And she always gives credit to the equestrian artists that have come before.

In considering the image of an iconic Arabian, Karen instantly thought of the very famous artwork produced by Gladys Brown Edwards. The proud stance, the lift of the mane the engaging expression. With that general image in mind, Karen proceeded to add her own vision, beginning the statue, as she does all of her sculptures, with a 1/20th scale model...

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