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Production Details

Facts about the Horses for Humanity Statue
The original mold for the horses for Humanity statue was created by renowned equine sculptor Karen Kasper. Each statue is produced in fiberglass by Cow Painters Studio in Illinois, each statue weighs in at 200 pounds. The statues are shipped in wooden crates delivered by various shipping companies. When the statues arrive they are not on a base. The base must be produced separately.
Title Plaques


A great finishing touch to each statue is the name of the horse engraved on a plaque and affixed to the base. 

Statue Bases


A base in necessary for each statue, however it is not included as part of the statue delivery. A metal base for your statue can be ordered from Cow Painters. Or you could opt to have a movable base built. Click here for instructions on base construction.

The Process
Prep Paint Tips and Artist Product Information From Manufacturer
Click here for great information from the manufacturer of the statue, Cowpainters!
Prep Paint Tips
Artist Product Information
Team Considerations


While the statues are not heavy they do require some considerations when transporting. Two people can easily move them about, depending upon the venue. Even with a protective clear-coat they should be protected during transport to prevent scratching. Horses for Humanities teams have utilized cargo vans, pickup trucks and horse trailers to have their statue travel. In considering the trailer it's important to include the height of the base when determining whether or not the trailer will accommodate the statue.

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