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Saber at the 2019 Region 8 Championship Show in Denver!

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Arabian Horse For Humanity, Saber, had a prime location at the National Western Events Center last week! Located right next to the warm-up arena in the vendor area across from the show office, there was no way to miss him and super easy to stop by and chat with all of the fantastic "Saber Team" members, led by Grace Rushing and Kathy Scott, who were taking donations and raising awareness for the Arabian Horsemens Distress Fund and the Wounded Warrior Project all week. 

Saturday night, the Region 8 Show committee provided another great event for the Wounded Warrior Project, with their Pro-Am Challenge class raising more than $3,000.00! It was very exciting to have Wounded Warrior Sal Gonzalez on hand to speak and to award the trophy to the winners!

Sal Gonzalez for Wounded Warrior Project
Wounded Warrior Project Sal Gonzalez

Meet the Fabulous 2019 Region 8 Pro-Am Challenge Competitors!

Click on the photos below!

Aantonina SF
Sure Is A Whiz
Billie The Kid GRK
Saturday Nite Afire GRK #wwp
JSN Cash Advance #wwp
Rushcreek Swat Mystea

To see more photos from the Pro-Am Challenge to the the

official show photographer site

More About Arabian Horses For Humanity

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The project was created to bring a life size artistic rendition of the world’s oldest breed of horse to communities around the world. Arabian Horses for Humanity aims to bring together members of the Arabian horse industry with local businesses, charities, and artists through a shared appreciation of the living art the Arabian horse represents.

Meet the Artists
KKS_8937 Goldie Project - KK Working on

Each of the Arabian Horses for Humanity is a unique work of art representing the artists vision as it relates to the cause the horse represents. Visit the Artists page to see each horse and discover the many ways in which each artist has fulfilled the vision of the project!

Wounded Warrior profile from
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If you are a fundraiser looking for a unique way to raise money for your charity Arabian Horses for Humanity is the perfect opportunity for you. There will be Corporate & Naming Rights Sponsors for each Arabian Horse statue who has already purchased the statue and the materials needed to decorate it for the artist. If they haven’t selected the artist you can participate in that selection process. 

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