AHFH Purpose

The Arabian Horses for Humanity project began in the fall of 2016. The Arabian Horse Association’s Market, Development, and Promotion committee was looking for a way to utilize the Arabian Horse as an ambassador while uniting communities through a common philanthropic interest.

The project was created to bring a life size artistic rendition of the world’s oldest breed of horse to communities around the world. Arabian Horses for Humanity aims to bring together members of the Arabian horse industry with local businesses, charities, and artists through a shared appreciation of the living art the Arabian horse represents.
These life size, Arabian horse statues will be offered to community businesses. Each business will pick an artist and develop a theme for the painting on the statue, while partnering with a local charity and donating the statue upon completion of it’s exhibition. The MDP will connect these businesses with Arabian Horse owners so they can expose an entirely new group of people to the beauty and majesty of our favorite breed.
Additionally, individuals in the Arabian industry may purchase a statue for their personal exhibition. This opportunity offers individuals to participate, while the AHA Marketing Development and Promotions committee handles the charity function.
Upon completion of the event, the statues will remain on display until such time as the charities affiliated with them decide on an appropriate venue to auction the statues off. At that time, if each charity wishes, every effort will be made to include a visit from a real Arabian horse and the statues naming-rights owner, to increase the awareness of how special these unique pieces of art will be to the eventual buyer.