AHFH Charities

If you are a fundraiser looking for a unique way to raise money for your charity Arabian Horses for Humanity is the perfect opportunity for you. There will be Corporate & Naming Rights Sponsors for each Arabian Horse statue who has already purchased the statue and the materials needed to decorate it for the artist. If they haven’t selected the artist you can participate in that selection process. 

The Arabian Horse statues will be on display at all major AHA sanctioned Horse Shows as well as other locations in the US and Canada.  Each Arabian Horse statue will be auctioned by you, as the charity, to benefit you and a small percentage to the AHA MDP fund. This fund supports current and future marketing and promotion opportunities for the Arabian Horse.

Upon completion of the event, the statues will remain on display until such time as the charities affiliated with them decide on an appropriate venue to auction the statues off. At that time, if each charity wishes, every effort will be made to include a visit from a real Arabian horse and the statues naming-rights owner, to increase the awareness of how special these unique pieces of art will be to the eventual buyer.


  • The proceeds made by the Arabian Horse statue at your auction/fundraiser are completely your charities.
  • Inclusion in the international PR campaign with publicity commencing immediately upon sign up
  • Inclusion in Arabian Horses for Humanity social media
  • The inclusion of your name on the Arabian horse statues base
  • The inclusion of your name on the Arabian Horses for Humanity map